taishanRichard S. Lee, Bay Area photographer, teacher and writer will present an illustrated overview of Taishan, China.  This region in southern Guangdong province, is home to the Taishanese people, also known as Sze yup Cantonese. This area is the ancestral home of most Chinese people who migrated to over 91 countries world-wide.  Many contract laborers from Taishan came to California during the Gold Rush and later during the construction of the transcontinental railways.

Lee, fourth generation Chinese-American and native San Franciscan, has travelled to China and to his ancestral homeland, Taishan, numerous times and has taken tens of thousands of unique photographs.  Lee contributes photos and articles to area newspapers as well as to Asian Week and Xin Ning Magazine, distributed in Chinese in over 90 countries.

The presentation is free and takes place February 9 at 2:00pm in the Garden Room of the Orinda Library. This program is sponsored by the Eng Family Endowment of the Friends of the Orinda Library.

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